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Waste water treatment plant operation and maintenance:

Wastewater treatment plants sold by “August ir Ko” basically work automatically, although, the operation of WWTPs must be ensured with technological supervision. Wastewater treatment plants’ technological surveillance can be carried out by:

- The owner.                  

- "August ir Ko" specialists (annual maintenance contract).

- "August ir Ko" specialists (one-time calls).

The wastewater treatment plant maintenance consists of:

- Cleaning the bar cart.  

- Checking the air-lift and the blower.

- Checking and cleaning the air filter of the blower and the air intake piping.

- Measure the amount of leveled-off activated sludge and dissolved oxygen.

- Determining the condition of the sludge and if necessary removing the excess. Removal of excess sludge should be carried out according to specific rules, taking into account the capacity of the facilities, structures, water treatment plants and other sections of the specifications.

Supervision of the WWTPs should ensure an efficient and uninterrupted operation of the plant. Plants must be in working order at all times and constantly provide the necessary materials for operation and instruments.  In order to evaluate the work of the plant, keeping a work journal is advised.

Recommended tools and equipment for the technological supervision:

- The dissolved oxygen meter;

- PH-meter;

- Thermometer;

- Sedimentation test flask - 1000 ml;

- Rubber gloves;

- Protective goggles;

- Long-handle brush;

- Small shovel;

- Excess sludge container;

- Wastewater sampling vessel;

- Disinfectant soap.

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